TeleTerr (Telephone Territory)

This program helps Jehovah's Witnesses create telephone and letter writing territories to contact individuals who cannot be easily reached in the door-to-door preaching activity.


Some basic instructions (courtesy of G. Cordis):

2011-05-04_Tele-Terr_Instructions_v0.7:  (PDF) (ODT)

Beta/Test Version Download:  (none)

Please Note:


There is a known problem running Teleterr on Vista and Windows 7.  It will cause various failures because the program does not have permission to write files in it's own install directory if it is located in "Program Files".  One workaround is to ALWAYS run Teleterr with administrator privileges (right click the icon and select "Run As Administrator").  Another possible but untested workaround is to install the program to "C:\Teleterr".  I have not yet decided what the permanent solution will be.

2) The site will not produce results when used without house numbers (e.g. for streets names only in a gated community).  It does work with apartments and condos since they have a street number.

3) A note about the web databases.  During typical usage of Teleterr (i.e. when not testing), please do not query more than (1) territory per day.  This shows respect for the web databases being used and will prevent overuse and/or excessive loading of their systems.  Some sites will temporarily block your IP address if they detect heavy usage of their site in a short time span.

Example of Right Click search data:

Example of Right Click territory list:

Recent History/Changelog:

TeleTerr v0.8.8 - 2012-Nov-23
  - Several website changed their protocols / formats:
    - fixed
    - fixed
    - fixed usps lookup

TeleTerr v0.8.7 - 2011-Nov-27
  - The website changed its format causing an infinite
    loop.  The parser has been adjusted to work with the new layout.

TeleTerr v0.8.6 - 2011-Sep-24
  - Adjust the search URL for because it was performing
    a "neighbor" search and returning addresses not specifically asked for.

TeleTerr v0.8.5 - 2011-Aug-07
  - Add {%StreetAddress%} field as an option for the report template.
    Using this placeholder provides a shorter address line that does
    not include City, State, and Zip. (Requested by Ryan R.)

TeleTerr v0.8.4 - 2011-Aug-07
  - Fix URL format and search algorithm
    (At present, this site only works when a house number is provided)

TeleTerr v0.8.3 - 2011-May-07
  - Thanks to G. Cordis for reporting issue.  The parser has
    been updated to deal with HTML changes on the site.

TeleTerr v0.8.2 - 2011-Apr-06
  - Thanks to G. Cordis for reporting a problem with
    Fixed the parsing of contact names.

TeleTerr v0.8.1 - 2011-Jan-27

  - Thanks to E. Rivera for reporting a problem with the query.
  - Fix search - InitialSearchURL changed
  - Fix search - Now we have to support two possible data formats
  - Added a phone number filter - 3 settings: normal, report contains
    only contacts with a phone, report contains only contacts without a phone

TeleTerr v0.8.0 - 2010-Jun-09
  - Increase Street field (kbmStreet) to 50 characters.

TeleTerr v0.7.9 - 2010-Jun-09
  - Removed " (Nationwide version)".  That version of
    the search now forwards to their main search engine which is the same
    as the USPS version.
  - Increased the field size for "Alternate Name(s)" from 50 to 100 characters

TeleTerr v0.7.8 - 2010-May-08
  - Martin P. reported a problem with duplicate entries not being handled
    properly.  This seems to be an internal bug outside of my code.  I
    have worked around it by enabling the "Street" table to show updates
    during duplicate processing.  Disable street and resident grid during
  - Enable "street" table to show updates during a query in case the bug
    mentioned above was having any effect during a territory query.
  - Remove a debug output that was left in the duplcate handling code.

TeleTerr v0.7.7 - 2010-Feb-26
  - Release version - no changes since beta.

TeleTerr v0.7.7 BETA - 2010-Feb-16
  - Now we create a mutex which the installer checks for.  If Teleterr is
      running when the installer is launched, the installer will issue a
      warning to shut down the program before continuing. (Thanks to Cris H.
      for the suggestion)
  - Fixed address entry form from displaying a trailing dash after a 5-digit zip.
  - Increased field sizes for SearchData table.  Now, house number can hold
    up to 20 characters, and StreetName up to 50 characters.
  - USPS html results structure was changed.  Had to adjust
    parsing code to make it work again.
  - Improved duplicate checking.  In addition to phone number duplicates,
    exact duplicates are checked for and removed.
  - Change name of secondary search to USPS version.
  - Set (USPS version) to enabled by default.  Although mostly
      the same as the whitepages (Nationwide) search, it does return a few
      results that are different. (Thanks to Danlee F. for feedback that prompted
      another look)
  - Disable controls during queries and duplicate processing to improve
  - Fix some bugs in the (USPS) parsing code
  - Sometimes the (USPS) query is cut off by the server
      with an "oops!, your search has expired...".  In order to deal with
      this, I have done the following:
     1) Add an error message in the log that the query was cut short
     2) Change the search engine order to query (USPS) before
     3) Slow down the query with a 300ms delay for each contact.
  - Changed the names of the search engine labels.  This will leave some
     orphaned entries in the teleterr.ini file, but they won't affect anything.
     This change will also enable all the search engines, so you should check
     your settings if you want any search engines disabled.

TeleTerr v0.7.6 - 2010-Feb-05
  - There is a known problem running Teleterr on Vista (and possibly
      Windows 7).  It will cause various failures because the program
      does not have permission to write files in it's own install directory
      if it is located in "Program Files".  One workaround is to ALWAYS
      run Teleterr with administrator privileges (right click the icon and
      select "Run As Administrator").  Another possible but untested work
      around is to install the program to "C:\Teleterr".  I have not yet
      decided what the permanent solution will be.
  - Fixed problem with querying when the territory database is new
      (i.e. has no records).
  - Fixed a problem with 5 digit zip codes being queried with a '-' on the end
      (SearchBug did not like this and would not return results)
  - Make sure SearchBug always uses a 5-digit zip for queries even when a 10
      digit zip is provided.
  - Adjusted the zip code settext and gettext to better validate the format.
  - The error message for a duplicate territory number is now more clear.

TeleTerr v0.7.5 - 2010-Feb-01
  - Really fix the address form.  It was not behaving when editing
      the first record of an empty table.
  - Fix a problem with parsing when no phone number given.
    NOTE: This was giving incorrect phone numbers to residents with no number
    in the database and was causing errors in the duplicate processing.
  - Fix a problem with parsing middle names/initials with
  - Fix and improve Nationwide parsing.
  - NOTE: Due to parsing errors, I thought the databases were
    giving different results.  With the parsing fixed, I see that they
    return the same results.  I have defaulted to turning one of them
    off since it just produces duplicates.
  - Improve web update check.  Now we also check the filename version number
      in addition to the filename date.

TeleTerr v0.7.4 - 2010-Jan-31 (BETA)
  - Fix a problem opening a territory report
    (The html file was not launching properly in the browser on some systems)
  - Added an update status form to display the progress of checking for program
      updates at launch.
  - Add a setting to enable/disable the automatic pop-up of the address entry
      form.  When disabled, it won't automatically pop-up every time you insert
      a record, but you can still get to the form by using the "..."
      button or double clicking in the address field of the search terms.
  - Fixed the problem with the address form not closing properly.
  - The address form now allows a blank zip (in case you don't know it yet)
  - Thanks to Cris H., Tony A., and Erick E. for providing feedback.

TeleTerr v0.7.3 - 2010-Jan-23
  - Validate street name text before loading Address Entry form
  - Fixed a "null" exception when creating a new territory

TeleTerr v0.7.2 - 2010-Jan-23
  - Added a new program icon (thanks to Shane Avery)
  - Fixed name of CVS files to CSV (automatic rename if old ones are found)
  - Tweaks to the form, controls, and column sizing
  - Make tab control taller
  - Make main form width a minimum of 800
  - Add an Address Form to guide and validate the entry of
      search term addresses
  - Fixed zip code display problem

TeleTerr v0.7.1 - 2010-Jan-21
  - Added automatic update checking.  It will now notify if an updated
      program is available.
  - Use auto date extraction for main form caption.
  - Create an installer EXE

TeleTerr v0.7.0 - 2009-Dec-30
 - Popup Menu Changes - Added USPS address checker and Bing maps
 - Main Menu Changes
     Remove Debug menu
     Change "About" to "Help"
     Added website link to Help menu
     Add a "Settings" menu item
     Add a "Manual Process Duplicates" menu item
  - Add INI file with persistent main form position and state
  - Add a settings form with user configurable
        duplicates removal, filtering, and search engine selection
  - Add engine
  - Fix error in duplicate processing
  - Add standard search
  - Add a query status window
  - Allow aborting of a search
  - Add search 

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